websecuritySmart Think team members often act as web detectives, determining the cause when a website goes down. We have restored hundreds of websites that have been hacked, attacked by DOS activities, red flagged by Google, and even brought websites back from the dead (those dreaded 500 Internal Server Errors). We keep our clients online, and we do so through prevention and restoration.

Many clients fail to use preventative security measures on their websites. No security product can  guarantee against every attack, but we work with powerful tools that allow us to monitor and block IP addresses who exhibit suspicious behavior, and therefore discourage DOS attacks and unauthorized website log-ins.

Simple WordPress updates can cause problems for your website, sometimes permissions get altered on the web server. Whatever the cause, Smart Think works to restore and repair websites and keep your organization online. For a nominal monthly fee, we monitor your website and also include two hours of tech support, should you need it.

Call 530.870.4500 or send an email and Smart Think will connect with you and start protecting your website today. The cost is $88 per month, including up to two hours of tech support should you need it. Smart Think requires a 12 month commitment, and fees are non-refundable, paid monthly.