Digital and Marketing Services

content creation & distribution
Smart Think loves communication and telling stories, and content is just one method for sales enablement and lead generation.
web development
Web development is more than creating websites. Website optimization focuses on providing search engines (robots and spiders) reasons to visit your website, and to return your website in search queries.
Key strategies are developed and modified based on website performance and analytic data.
adwords management
Properly done, Adwords can drive real traffic to your website, which in turn creates opportunities for you.
online engagement
The best way to continue to grow your leads is through engaging prospects on a regular basis through multiple channels.
social networking
Smart Think manages social networking accounts for our clients, widening their online footprint, and growing their fan base.
press releases
Anytime you have something that is worth sharing, we craft your message and get it distributed to media outlets.
lead generation
A well designed website includes multiple opportunities to connect with your audience.
marketing campaigns
Effective campaigns are meant to work 24/7, like your very best employee, always working, always productive, and always focused.
marketing plan development
Marketing plans should include information about your customers, your prospects, your company vision, and methods your company will employ to reach sales objectives.
website analysis
Smart Think provides a complimentary analysis of your website – without a peek under the hood, how do we know how the engine is running?
communication strategies
The goal is to develop a content strategy that engages your target audience. Depending on the goal, there are several methods for communicating your message.
seo audits
Any/all SEO activities are documented for client. Monthly reports prepared to track progress and show areas for modification.
marketing automation solutions
When you want to communicate with your prospects, marketing automation is an excellent solution. There are multiple providers that offer packages based on the number of prospects/clients you need to manage.
email messaging
Smart Think specializes in crafting the message you want your clients and prospects to hear. We have experience writing messages to all kinds of audiences, about all kinds of services and products. Your message must be tailored to the audience you want to receive it.
website wireframes
Your website should be well thought out and designed on paper, before you ever start designing online. An effective website wireframe will allow you to determine which pages you should include, and how you want the website visitor to navigate your site.
performance measurement tools
You can purchase marketing services, web tools, and search engine marketing packages and if you don’t have a means to measure performance you can’t determine ROI. Smart Think creates tools to measure key performance indicators.