Press Releases, including Distribution

Just like it sounds, Smart Think writes and distributes press releases. When you have exciting news, a product launch, a new service or account, anytime you have something that is worth sharing, we craft your message and get it distributed to media outlets.

icon-newsWith the death of so many newspapers nationwide, clients often ask us if press releases still matter. They matter more than ever before. The landscape has changed, but news is still news, and the public, your customers and prospects, are still information consumers. They demand information, seek it out, even if the distribution channels have changed.

Most people get their news digitally, whether they know it or not. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, online newspapers (and yes, print too!), journals, wire services, Yahoo, and more, consumers are besieged with information, everywhere they go. Radio and cable work for some clients as well. Media may have changed, however your consumers still want to be informed.