Get Online for $99.00

Domain. On your behalf, Smart Think will purchase your website domain. Your domain is the web address that you’ll direct web visitors to, the name of your website. While we will set up your account on a domain registrar, the domain name will belong to you. All credentials will be supplied to you or one of your team members.

Web Hosting. Once you own a domain, you need a web hosting account, which is typically $12/month or approximately $144 annually. Smart Think will host your website at no charge to you, saving you hundreds of dollars every year.

Unlimited Email Addresses. Additionally, Smart Think will set up as many email addresses as your organization requires, at no cost to you. Typically this can cost an organization $120 annually.

Install WordPress. Finally, we will install WordPress on your domain in just minutes, so that you can start building your website and get online, quick.

Call 530.870.4500 or send an email and Smart Think will connect with you and get you online today. It’s that simple, for just $99.00, no additional services or commitments required.