Online Engagement

reviews_iconYour online efforts are often measured by your web traffic, and we all rejoice when we see a spike in traffic, or even better, a prolonged and sustained increase in website visitors. The best way to accomplish this, and continue to grow your leads, is through engaging prospects on a regular basis through multiple channels.

When your prospects and customers are engaged with your brand, they become your best ambassadors, talking you up in the virtual world and sending more traffic to your website. Blogs have long been a tool for engaging website visitors but with the diminishing attention span of our audiences, and spammers trying to hack into website or get backlinks to their spammy websites, blogging isn’t enough. And it’s not really a two way conversation, even when you do moderate comments; the discussion is short lived and visitors are on to the next great article.

Tools like social media channels are one way that many brands engage with their customers and their prospects. Social media is also an excellent reputation management tool — it’s an opportunity to listen to what people are saying, and mitigate the message when needed.

Smart Think creates a conversation around your product or services, raises your online profile, and the number of touches you make with prospects and customers. It’s a comprehensive strategy, we don’t rely on online monologues, we invite conversation. And when you control the conversation, you can expect directed results.