Lead Generation

A website isn’t just about communicating your brand to an audience, they key is to generate leads and leverage engagement. A contact form on your website is a passive method for generating leads, your strategy should encompass your entire website, not just the “give us your name and number” fill in form.

onlineengageA well designed website includes multiple opportunities to connect with your audience. Some web visitors will fill out contact forms, others may be willing to exchange their email address for a free paper or software trial; not every website visitor engages in the same way.

Some clients adopt a “submit your story” strategy, others host contests, some simply provide an opportunity to join an e-newsletter list. We’ve all visited those websites where a box pops up and asks if you’d like to chat with an agent… Depending on your product or service, and the behaviors of your web visitors, you could be successful with any number of techniques.

We always counsel our clients to look at their website closely, through the eyes of the consumer. What types of information do these visitors need, and what problem does your company solve? Figure out your prospective customers’ pain point and design creative opportunities for them to willingly share their contact information. Know their need, and convince them you’re the one to fill it. Provide multiple opportunities for them to interact with you, without having to commit to anything. Consumers will go through most of the buying cycle without engaging with you — how can you shorten that cycle and join the conversation sooner? We can help.