Why Have a Website?

Depending on your business, your website may exist in order to:
a) Showcase your work – leading to more clients.
b) Highlight a unique product or service – leading to more clients.
c) Build a brand – leading to more clients.
So, perhaps the purpose of your website is to attract more clients?

Let’s assume that your website has been optimized, is seen by search engines, and it shows up in search engine results. And if all those factors line up, we can then assume you’ll get some traffic to your website. Now what?

Do you have a clear call to action on your home page? Is your telephone number or contact information clear and easy to find, and on page one? Do you have testimonials from other customers/clients? What makes your business unique? Why should prospective customer ABC contact you over your competition?


Another Brand Blows it On Twitter

During the Presidential debate last week, President Barack Obama shared a brief interlude about his grandmother, who passed away 3 days prior to his election victory in 2008.  Within moments, the Twitter account for KitchenAid sent out a tweet that, in 140 characters or less, included distasteful commentary on the passing of Mr. President’s grandmother, and ultimately his performance as CEO of the United States.  I didn’t realize that KitchenAid was a political think tank.  Or that bashing the President was one of their social media missives.

No surprise that a few moments after the tweet went live, it was deleted.  But not fast enough, because there were enough screen shots of the inappropriate tweet, enough retweets, that KitchenAid offered a lame apology. Their apology claimed of course that they didn’t endorse that particular tweet, and the person who tweeted it wouldn’t have access to post to their Twitter account any longer.  And then, the KitchenAid Twitter timeline was  quiet the rest of the night.  And some social media “gurus” went on and on about how brilliant this was – mistake, delete, apologize.  Wrong. There is NOTHING genius about a big brand screwing up and then hitting the delete button.