Adwords & Retargeting Campaign Management

Just like it sounds, we manage Adwords campaigns. Properly done, Adwords can drive real traffic to your website, which in turn creates opportunities for you.  Want to test the efficiency? Tie your Adwords and Google Analytics accounts together, set your goals, and track the conversions.

seotargetHave you heard of retargeting? You know, when you visit websites, head over to Yahoo or Facebook, and ads for those very products  or services populate your view? The magic of retargeting through Google is that they own the landscape, and their goal is to deliver click through rates; therefore Google consistently delivers your message to web visitors who have already expressed an online interest in your products or services.

Using data provided from your Google Analytics, Google shares information about who visits your website, their habits, their interests, and more. The data can be used to shape your marketing campaigns, online and elsewhere.  And Smart Think can get you started…